Category: Match Review

  • Pathetic Leeds, O'Kane, Wiedwald and another season wasted by owners

    You can feel it, can’t you? That angry, bitter tongue at the back of your throat. You’re trying to rationalise everything in ways that allow you to continue thinking we’re moving in the right direction. Every team has its ups and downs, it’s just part of football isn’t it? After all, Andrea Radrizzani has done […]

  • Christiansen in hot water as Leeds lack any invention

    The problem with presenting yourself as a tactician is that there’s an expectancy that you’ll change systems and approaches to adapt to specific threats. The problem Thomas Christiansen finds himself in is that he’s done the former and not the latter. After another horrendous performance of uninventive, non-cohesive, tactically naive football fans are rightfully enquiring […]

  • Self destruction, bravery, Lasogga and disappointment

    There are few things more ‘Leeds’ than snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, let alone mashing the self destruct button as hard and often as you can. I’m sat here after the Millwall game incredulous at what I’ve watched, unable to accept the result let alone the multiple matches played within that single 90 […]

  • Newport shambles shows Leeds need signings, club disagrees

    Once again the FA Cup rolls around and Leeds United don’t take it seriously. How many times must we under-estimate smaller sides and show them a disservice by selecting a totally rotated squad? It’s unusual. If Leeds aren’t taking it seriously, then say so before the fixture and we fans can manage our expectations. Without […]

  • Is £3m Oxford signing the best forward at Leeds?

    Since Chris Wood left to light up the Premier League (with 4 goals), we’ve had to contend with the troubling notion of replacing him. Lasogga was brought in as the closest like-for-like swap and statistically is an absolute weapon. 5 goals and 3 assists in 10 games is an impressive return, especially in a league […]

  • Cibicki, Wiedwald, that Roofe hat-trick and transfers

    I only wrote about Leeds’ need for additional signings in January the other day, and Saturday’s game against QPR managed to make both of the points I was attempting to make. “What two points were those?” I hear you ask. I argued that Leeds need certain positions to be strengthened, not necessarily because our first […]

  • Leeds' Revenge, The Pablo Show, Flags and Garry Monk

    International breaks are torrid things for most teams; a horrible, lengthy pause in the middle of a run of games often does little more than disrupt progress and invite injury on your better players. Key figures are distributed around the globe, subject to jet-lag, training and additional competitive games (or worse, friendlies). This one, however, […]

  • Sacking Christiansen, Fragility, Recruitment and Derby

    A single blemish on an item of clothing is occasionally commented on, but often ignored. A stain that has ruined a single garment might be observed and noted whenever it is worn. But if that single blemish starts to appear on every item of clothing you own, and everywhere you go people are talking about […]

  • Fragility, Sheffield, Pennington and Lewis Cook

    Another day, another depressive period of post-rationalisation after Leeds failed to win in a key top-of-the-table clash. It’s frustrating that we’re having to employ the most British of traditions by attempting to maintain a stiff upper lip, while we’re secretly all dying inside. The Bristol City game made us believe that our stumble was merely […]

  • Sheffield, 6 pointers, Grot, Cibicki and 3-5-2

    With an exciting game against Sheffield United looming so soon after a spirited win against Bristol City, it was rather interesting that TC elected to label the game as a 6-pointer. For so many years we’ve been taught to expect very little from Leeds United – how many consecutive seasons were managers and head coaches […]