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  • Jansson goes, Costa joins, is this good enough?

    Long time no see, friends. Regular readers will know I try not to immerse myself into ‘silly season’ too much, in that I’m often quietest during the Summer break because I rarely wish to delve too deeply into the nonsense, here-say and rumour that dominates the Internet throughout the pre-season. But there are a few […]

  • Bielsa season 1 cliffhanger turns into season 2 trailer

    I tend not to write on here to merely repeat what others are saying – and perhaps that’s sufficient justification for the prolonged absence. After our season descended from confident authority into chaotic rollercoaster, piling more words into the vacuum of sorrow didn’t seem worthwhile. Of course there’s much to say about the Derby playoff […]

  • Victories of old, victories of youth and a 3 point gap

    It has felt (in recent games) that Pablo Hernandez is dragging Leeds towards promotion with the same single-minded focus that Ross McCormack used to drag Leeds away from relegation. When the right moments aren’t falling your way it takes special players to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and make it happen. […]

  • Bamford, Preston, Promotion, Berardi and Leapfrog

    The thing with Leeds United in 2019 is that it’s really hard to predict what’s going to happen. A person unfamiliar with the unusual patterns of Leeds United might have put money on us to beat Birmingham (having lost 5 games on the bounce), in the same way they might have thought the Preston game […]

  • Ups and downs. Defining moments. Pablo. Bamford. Millwall.

    I’ve often wondered when people started shouting the extra “UPS AND DOWNS” during Marching on Together. I don’t recall it as a child, though I was cheerfully oblivious to most of the world as a youth, wide-eyed with wonder at a full Elland Road and perhaps ill-placed to ponder the nuanced tweaks to our club […]

  • Finding flow, destroying West Brom and being 2nd

    Even after a lifetime of supporting Leeds I’m surprised by us. I struggle to truly find disappointment when I’m so numb to it after so many years of failure, yet the club still manages to get past my hardy defences. Leeds facing Norwich at home was crushing to me, because it felt like the playoff […]

  • Every game is a cup final, but Leeds don't do cup finals.

    The second the club insisted that “we have 15 cup finals to win”, in reference to the 15 remaining games of the season we all winced. Leeds fans know that the club is not capable of winning cup finals, so to suggest promotion rested on our ability to not only perform in one game, but […]

  • The EFL may be corrupt, but failure to gain promotion will be Leeds' fault alone

    It’s been increasingly difficult to argue against any notion of corruption or a wider agenda against Leeds United from both the EFL and FA. Ignoring the more subjective view that we only ever seem to get appalling referees (and that the balance of decisions go against us), there are so many more compelling examples of […]

  • A troubling transfer window, 17 finals to follow

    Leeds’ ability to bring in Kiko Casilla as much-needed quality in our weakest position will sadly be talked about less than the monstrous cluster-fudge that Swansea made of transfer deadline day. While bringing in a backup Real Madrid goalkeeper to relieve pressure on the baby Peacock is a ambitious and intelligent transfer, Leeds’ inability to […]

  • Signing Real Madrid Goalkeeper, Bielsa, Derby and Spying

    In terms of exciting transfer news, the looming arrival of Kiko Casilla is one of our better ones. Not necessarily because he’s a name that makes our peers spit their collective coffees across their respective tables, but because it’s an exciting sound-bite. Signing a player from Real Madrid. A Spanish goalkeeper with Champions League experience […]