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  • Leeds face discipline problem as new boys get murdering

    Looking at the Football League statistics, Leeds have received 19 yellow and 5 red cards (5 yellow, 2 red in the Capital One Cup, 14 yellow and 3 red in the league) in all competitions this season. We’re not doing a bad job in terms of yellows, sitting at 12th in the discipline league measured […]

  • Redfern steps aside as Milanic comes in; our guardian in waiting

    Fans have always joked about “doing it for Redders” in our frequent stints between managers, but this time around I think Neil has really shown what he’s all about.  With a Leeds team increasingly fleshed out with academy products, his most recent stint in charge has been an interesting one. “I know the lads, they’re […]

  • Waste of International break with Cellino still not acting

    With Dave “wait for the DVD of my reign” Hockaday mercy-killed from a position of authority he should never have had, Leeds have a head-coach sized hole in the club.  With the lovable, reliable Neil Redfern taking the reins in the meantime, Massimo Cellino is yet to announce a successor to the forgettable Forest Green […]

  • Sam Byram is the biggest test of Cellino's character

    With rumours mounting that Southampton and Sunderland are bidding for Sam Byram, with various sources reporting that we turned down a £4.5m bid from one of the two interested clubs, at what point does the famous Leeds PR machine fire up and justify the sale of another important asset? On Byram: no transfer request but […]

  • But what if it were Ken Bates?

    Massimo Cellino has just delivered another trademark interview with the YEP; full of wit, passion and promises.  Idly browsing Twitter there was a fairly eclectic mix of opinions on display: Massimo is king, everything we’ve been waiting for, he will lead us back to the promised land I like the man, but we’ve been fed […]

  • Can Italy's second finest do it in England?

    Not wanting to be the kind of football writer who repeats that cliche statement about rainy nights in Stoke, it is worth considering the harsh realities of the Championship.  This is a hard league, harder than most I’ve seen.  On any weekend it’s largely true that anyone can beat anyone else.  It’s physical and it’s […]

  • Leeds United are solvent, fans get carried away

    With news being unleashed upon the down-trodden Leeds fans (via the usual medium of Twitter) that we are, in Massimo’s own words, debt free – a roar of over-exaggerated praise was heard throughout the land.  Dizzy with excitement that Noel Hunt actually scored a hat-trick (albeit against an amateur side, and against a team who […]

  • Why bringing Becchio home isn't a great idea

    Ross McCormack leaving Leeds is inevitable at this point and rumours are circulating that the glorious Argentinian is about to return home.  While we’re very fond of Luciano and his ability to cost less than Berbatov, yet score more goals…  He’s not going to replace Ross. On paper, sure he might.  His final season at […]

  • Ross McCormack and the incredible Leeds United PR Machine

    While it might be a title for a Roald Dahl book, it’s obvious that the famous LUFC PR machine is in full swing.  Sadly it’s a game that the war-weary Leeds fans have seen many times before. Let me explain how this works. Ross wants to leave, but submitting a transfer request negates any loyalty […]

  • How much is Ross McCormack actually worth?

    With our captain set to be another high profile departure from a side so intent on not retaining key players, a big debate amongst the fanbase has been “how much is Ross actually worth?” You could argue that many fans are post-rationalising his impending departure with the cliche “well, he wasn’t that great anyway” speech.  You […]