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  • 5 reasons why Neil Redfern is the right man for the job

    With the inevitable departure of Darko Milanic coming a little sooner than most expected, only a brave man would have bet against Neil Redfern being given the role.  Especially having seen him shun the bench to sit with Cellino during the disappointing match against Wolves, it was obvious that Cellino was going to look to […]

  • Milanic sacked as Cellino shows his flaws

    Criticising Massimo Cellino is often met with vitriolic backlash from the section of fans whose appreciation for his positive acts deafens any negative appraisal of his actions.  After today’s shambolic defeat against Wolves Darko Milanic’s reign as head coach was very quickly ended, and in sacking him Massimo is rightfully open to criticism. Don’t mistake my […]

  • The Feeder Club Days, Leeds United and Norwich City

    Tomorrow night Leeds United play Norwich City for the first time since 2011; when the club – not so dissimilar to ours – earned promotion to the Premier League.  There is no finer example (besides Southampton) as to how our fortunes could have been different had we better owners. Let me explain. League One In […]

  • The Massimo Cellino Show (except when we lose)

    Our enigmatic, egomaniacal Sheriff has certainly revelled in the increased media platform owning Leeds United has afforded him.  A master of the sound-bite, Massimo Cellino has certainly made supporting the club a more interesting affair; but therein lies the problem under which all head coaches will need to work. When we win, Cellino takes stage.  […]

  • Opportunities missed, now a sequence of very tough fixtures

    With another disappointing result against a weaker opposition (comparatively, that is), it’s time for us to reflect on the fixtures we’ve had and what now awaits us… Let’s just look at the fixtures we’ve played recently (under Milanic, that is): Away at Rotherham Home against Sheffield Wednesday Home against Reading Away against Brentford Those are […]

  • Last time around: Rotherham 4 – 2 Leeds

    With tomorrow’s Friday night fixture against local boys Rotherham looming over an uncertain Leeds team, our ever expectant fan-base are hoping for a good performance. With a 2 week International break affording Darko Milanic the opportunity to learn the squad and hopefully impose his style of play on the team, I’m hoping for good things. […]

  • Adryan poised to make first team debut against Rotherham

    It appears as if Adryan’s first team chance may be here.  A tweet from Leeds insider Emanuele Giulianelli indicates that he’s not in the squad for the development squad today: Adryan not in the 11 for Under 21. First team?#lufc — Emanuele Giulianelli (@EmaGiulianelli) October 13, 2014 It would be fair, considering what he offers […]

  • Bellusci "The Warrior" could become a club hero (if he learns to defend)

    A record signing, for all intents and purposes for a post-Premiership Leeds United; £1.6m for a centre-back is enough for expectation to be placed on the player. Look at Luke Murphy; a man whose every performance is contextualised against the £1m GFH opted to spend on him.  Perhaps this is why the club often refuse […]

  • Leeds' future lies in the Acadamy treasure chest

    When I recently wrote the match review for the U21 drubbing of Doncaster Rovers it was staggering how positive everyone felt about the future.  Our academy has always been an important component of the club and 2014 is no different. Current players Look at the current squad; Lewis Cook – many consider him the second […]

  • Now enters Darko "the Handsome" Milanic to take Leeds forward

    Massimo Cellino said that he wanted a continental coach to come in; so it seemed inevitable that however well Neil Redfern did in the caretaker role it would only be temporary.  With various names banded around from the ridiculous to the sublime, it seemed quite fitting that we hired another man I needed to consult […]