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  • Should Leeds Change Approach After 6-2 Defeat?

    It’s galling to spend all week – let alone 16 years – waiting for a Premier League fixture against the old foe. We might cling onto a 2010 cup victory more than is healthy, choosing to ignore the 3-0 drubbing we got the following year. But for a league fixture you need to go back […]

  • Arsenal or Barnsley, Championship or Premier League. It's all the same.

    I sometimes need to remind myself that this is the Premier League. Not just because we’re fundamentally watching the same players do the same things, but because my expectations don’t seem to have changed.  Having sat through 90 minutes of nail-biting dominance where Leeds continually failed to capitalise on the pressure exerted over their meek […]

  • 10 Things We've Learned About Leeds This Season So Far

    It was incredibly hard to anticipate how Leeds would settle into the Premier League, not forgetting how much things have changed since we were last here. The 2019/20 Championship season may have gone some way to answer the questions posed about the frailties of Marcelo Bielsa’s methods (namely the tiresome accusation that his sides ‘burn […]

  • Leeds overcome Fulham and why it should be seen as a six-pointer

    I know it’s unpopular to attempt to temper enthusiasm… but we have to consider games like Fulham to be 6-pointers. Despite looking exciting in our opening fixtures I think we need to accept that the Premier League is a big leap in terms of quality and that we should expect for a difficult campaign. While […]

  • Is it the end for Barry Douglas at Leeds United?

    It seemed like such a good transfer at the time, £3m for a 28-year old in a problem-position for Leeds who had just played 42 games in Wolves’ title-winning Championship campaign. We’d struggled to find comfort in the left-back position since Charlie Taylor had been chased from the club by Massimo Cellino and his ego-driven […]

  • Leeds surprise Liverpool and footballing world in spirited return

    2020 has been an unusual year for football. After 16 long years absence, Leeds United achieved promotion to the Premier League and were gifted one of the most beautiful opening-day fixtures fans could have wished for. Liverpool as reigning Champions would face a rejuvenated Leeds at Anfield to the delight and fanfare of every neutral […]

  • A lifetime of hurt, a weekend of disbelief. Leeds United are Champions.

    I’m 35 years old, which is quite a cruel age when you consider it in the context of supporting Leeds United. I was too young to really appreciate football when we won the title in 1992 and didn’t attend a game until 1995, but had found a growing interest in the sport in the years […]

  • Promoted by default, a season cancelled or a fresh chance at throwing it away?

    Readers, it has been an awfully long time since I wrote on here. When there’s nothing new I can add to the club commentary I often elect to say nothing at all; after all, the world certainly doesn’t need more noise. This season has been an interesting one yet there’s been very little need for […]

  • Celebrating the centenary with ego, uncertainty and hope

    Leeds United are 100 years old, yet you could compare us to a side 3,000 years old and still barely have half the stories we do. I’ve always wondered what the club would be like when we finally reached this point. As a child during the 90’s the very concept of 2019 seemed impossibly futuristic. […]

  • Roofe's imminent departure continues to leave Leeds very light

    Though the transfer window hasn’t yet closed, I often see the first league game of the season as the point at which I evaluate whether we’ve conducted good business or not. While there’s still time (and it looks like Roofe won’t be leaving until after our season opener against Bristol) it still seems the most […]