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  • Kalvin Phillips' story isn't one of loyalty, but the importance of ownership and coaching

    Kalvin Phillips

    With Kalvin Phillips playing so well in an England shirt it’s easy to look at his situation and attribute it to faith in Leeds United. After all, he did have clubs like Aston Villa trying to purchase him after our playoff defeat against Derby – but he decided to stay at his hometown club and […]

  • Heartbreak as Pablo and Berardi leave Leeds

    These things happen in football. The rational side of you knows that Pablo – at 36 years old – wasn’t going to stay at Leeds forever. Especially given he wasn’t featuring for us often in lieu of the likes of Rodrigo coming into the club. But it’s hard to accept that good things ever need […]

  • Are Leeds wrong to gloss over the Leko/Casilla verdict in lieu of the social media blackout?

    I’ll don some particularly delicate gloves for this topic because it’s always been a very contentious one. But with the majority of official football accounts (clubs, players and pundits) embracing the social media blackout this weekend in a united front against racist abuse, it has prompted a particularly interesting question. Leeds United player Kiko Casilla […]

  • This isn't Bielsa changing, this is just improvement

    There was much said about Leeds’ reckless tactics after “humiliating” defeats against Manchester United and Leicester. It was amusing how the narrative shifted from “gloriously entertaining football” to “they’ll get relegated if they don’t calm down” over the course of fewer than a dozen games. We gained admirers by refusing to respect more established sides, […]

  • Liverpool and Man City results show Leeds ability to compete (and the importance of competition)

    In a few days soured by the ridiculous European Super League proposal, Leeds’ game against Liverpool came at a particularly interesting moment. While Klopp and the gang were facing unfair scrutiny over decisions made by their employers (and seemingly found out about the club’s intent to splinter off into the ESL at the same time […]

  • Do Leeds need a Plan B?

    It’s a tired trope in football – when Plan A doesn’t look to be effective, you need a Plan B. And in this country, Plan B is often a thinly disguised suggestion of “put a big lad on and lump the ball forward, get it in the mixer”. MK Dons head coach Russel Martin fielded […]

  • Even God makes mistakes – let's talk about where Marcelo Bielsa gets things wrong

    I cherish Marcelo so much he’s practically family. I lost my grandparents fairly young, so seeing a friendly-faced, gentle-voiced man talk about morality and the importance of certain values feels like he’s filling a gap in my life. It just happens to be that he’s the head coach of the club I’ve loved since a […]

  • Newcastle, Leicester, injuries and Premier League survival

    I don’t think any of us believed this season wouldn’t be a rollercoaster, but even I have to admit this is wild. To go from upsettingly poor performances against Chelsea and West Ham to blow away Newcastle 5-2. To then concede twice in the opening 3 minutes against Manchester United, going on to lose 6-2.  […]

  • Kiko Casilla – villain to sell or harshly treated hero?

    Marcelo Bielsa’s pre-Brighton comments today have spurned an interesting debate on Twitter. I won’t attempt to paraphrase so will paste the tweets directly: you get the feeling that Bielsa thinks Casilla served his punishment and should be allowed to move forward or put it behind him. Has a very high opinion of him, despite that. […]

  • Big wins, big losses, no defenders and a quiet January

    It’s frustrating that Virgil van Dijk’s injury hasn’t stopped being discussed in relation to Liverpool’s mixed league performances, meanwhile pundits have been all-too-eager to talk about our defensive frailties without ever mentioning how ridiculously makeshift our back-line is. Perhaps this isn’t surprising given the commentary team for the Spurs game referred to Stuart Dallas as “Leeds […]

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