I’m tired by the number of times I read calls for Leeds to “spend the Chris Wood and Charlie Taylor money”, ignorant to the fact that it has all been spent. And then some. People believe us to be sitting on an enormous pile of liquid capital, unwilling to strengthen a squad in dire need of reinforcement. So where has the money gone? Let me show you.

  • Forshaw – £4.5m
  • Jansson – £3.6m
  • Saiz – £3.5m
  • Alioski – £2m
  • Cibicki – £1.5m
  • De Bock – £1.5m
  • Klich – £1.5m
  • Sacko – £1.5m (could be as much as £3.5m, depending what sources you trust)
  • Grot – £1m
  • Wiedwald – £600k
  • Ekuban – £500k
  • Ideguchi – £500k
  • Halme- £500k

The above totals to £22.7m. If we elected to believe that Leeds got £15m for Wood and £7m for Taylor (the actual figures will be less than this, as the reported figures will be subject to clauses and bonuses no doubt), then that still puts Leeds as £700k over the “Wood and Taylor money”.

You can’t argue that the money hasn’t been spent, but you could certainly make an argument for the lack of quality in such activity. Especially with Halme and Ideguchi not benefitting the first team. But with £1.5m in Klich entering and exiting the club via revolving door, Grot being woefully short of first team quality and Sacko struggling to make any impact at all, you’re talking £4m of transfer activity that simply isn’t effective. That’s £2m short of getting in a fairly big signing, too. Or half way towards a Jordan Hugill tier player.

It’s frustrating. You could certainly argue that you could take the £1.5m for Cibicki and add that to the pile, too, as we need better strikers more than we need another winger. But it’s all rather academic.

Leeds have spent all of the Chris Wood money; anything else is simply opportunistic and the club have made it pretty clear that they value future investment (in U23 players) more than trying to plug the gaps that will push the club closer towards the playoffs.

Leeds transfer policy.