Time for Luciano to come home?

High on the list of stupid transfers in recent times (of which there are numerous) would be the sale of Luciano Becchio.  Aside from his primary attribute of costing less than Berbatov and yet scoring more goals, he’s a hard working Championship tier striker. And we need one of those.

20 goals in 29 starts before being foolishly sold

Let’s not forget, when he was sold in January 2013 he had scored 20 goals.  With Beckford gone, Snodgrass gone, Ross not quite in his stride,  Luciano stepped up and delivered when we needed him too.  Neil Warnock and Ken Bates, the colossal pair of backwards-thinking, anti-football fools opted to cash in on our Argentine and shipped him off to Norwich.  Such was the style at the time.
In exchange for a bumbag full of £5 notes and Steve “simply not good enough” Morison, Luciano left Leeds and there ended our 2012/13 season.

Becchio the Canary never allowed to sing

Forgive the hideous play on words but it seemed apt.  11 appearances since January 2013 and zero goals confirms that he’s not only surplus to requirements but unwanted, evidenced by being firmly placed behind catastrophic failure Ricky Van Wolfswinkel for the entire season.  So why does he bother staying there?

How does he fit into Leeds now?

Sell Hunt, obtain Becchio. Much better.


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