Retained list shows lack of clarity on manager situation

With no one outside of the Leeds United circle of confidentiality sure who is actually calling the shots, the way in which the retained player situation was handled (and the subsequent social media frenzy) was rather telling.
As it turns out, the retained list was done by someone other than Brian.

Seemingly Jamie Ashdown hinted in a conversation on Twitter that Brian had been silenced and that it was presumably Massimo making the judgement calls on who to retain.  This does further the belief that McDermott’s position is being made untenable by those above him – whether that’s deliberate to try and make him walk, I don’t know.

The cynic in me…

The cynical side of me thinks that Massimo has previously indicated that sacking Brian would cost £2m which would be a “waste of money”, considering the other problems at the club.  He’s not in the business of throwing money away and therefore would like to avoid making such a call.  So it’s not beyond belief that trying to make Brian walk (thereby foregoing the payoff) would be the best arrangement for the eccentric Leeds owner.  But then that’s just me…

What next?

L’Fuhrer Cellino has instructed the players and management to return from their contract mandated 5 weeks vacation on May 28th (something which caused a stir on Twitter, as you’d expect), so I expect we’ll find out.  I’m told Brian has been looking at transfer targets and getting his stuff together to build for another campaign, but whether he’ll be allowed to is a different matter.
What we do know is that there’s a reasonable hole in the playing squad (and I don’t just mean El Hadji Diouf’s rotund frame having departed) which I expect will need to be filled.  Keep your eyes peeled, the end of this month might just have some fireworks.

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