Luke Murphy brace celebrates 12 months of McD

Paradoxical to a broken clock being correct twice a day, Leeds do occasionally find it within themselves to win a match of football.  Today was no exception; the defining factor in this incisive victory?  No, it wasn’t Luke Murphy or the much-talked-about contents of his shorts.  Blackpool were just worse than us.

A victory on merit?  No.

It might seem cruel to not award this rare 2-0 victory over another professional football team on merit to Leeds United, but I genuinely believe it only came about because Blackpool are just that much worse.  A team who are looking over their shoulder with relegation places ominously skulking behind them, you could argue that they’d have so much more than us to fight for.  Alas, they look to have given up.
Leeds, safe in the knowledge that a result here makes relegation a non-issue can now sit back, take stock and rebuild.

Luke Murphy, where have you been?

Recalled to the starting lineup and placed in a more free-attacking role, Monsoir Murphy was a new player.  Frequently played in a holding position with Austin he has looked lacklustre and ineffectual.  Today he was dynamic, forward-thinking and a genuine threat.  It poses the question as to whether Brian had been playing him all wrong (a trait he’s known for, as evidenced by Connor “not a winger but played on the wing” Wickham).
I’m happy for Murphy, I am.  I thought he was great at Crewe in this role and when played here for Leeds he makes an impact on the game.

What do we do next season?

That remains to be seen.  As a big financial investment and a definite prospect (at 24) you’d have to argue that his best days still lie ahead.  Granted, I’m not sure he’s any better than Adam Clayton currently, but there you go.  That’s Leeds all over, isn’t it?

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