Leeds set to appoint least aspirational leader since Blackwell

When news broke that Brian had been relieved of managerial duties (for the second time), long suffering Whites fans up and down this (currently sunny) land exhaled in relief.  A humble man who handled himself with grace and dignity despite appalling conditions and continual undermining of responsibility…  But nonetheless a man who was not right for Leeds.
With Cagliari now sold and the Italian Madman’s sight – like the all-seeing Eye of Sauron – firmly placed on Elland Road, it is with baited breath that those same Leeds fans await appointment of the new gaffer.

Only, manager now means head coach.  And the options are dire.

Massimo has been very clear about the new role at the club; he is manager, whoever he brings in his going to be head coach.  Because of this Leeds won’t be appointing a manager of known quality; rumours of Zola are very far of the mark.  What Massimo wants is a tracksuit wearing extension of himself, to stand on the training ground and shout instructions.  So you can disregard hope for Leeds hiring Ranieri, Mancini or indeed any other aspirational figure ending in “i”.
Our glorious leader has also stated that the coach will be British because “that’s what Leeds need”.  A rather subjective assessment of the situation; I’d rather we simply hired the best man for the job irrespective of nationality, but that’s just me.

As such, our candidates are not ones that show enormous ambition

I, like many fans, have had to Google the names of most candidates.  I couldn’t tell you much about Eamonn Dolan prior to this madness, nor could I have told you anything at all about Dave Hockaday.  The former the long-standing Reading youth/academy boss, the latter a failure from Forest Green (who was heavily criticised by the few Greens fans I found on Twitter).
While Dolan has done well at Reading (have we heard this before??), let’s not forget that Leeds is a savage beast that breaks even the most gracious of men.  Could either of these candidates bring the fight and ambition that Massimo has insisted he’s instilling in this reborn club?  Well, that remains to be seen.

Gary Mac

Fan’s favourite Gary McAllister is also in the picture; a man who signed Robert Snodgrass and Luciano Becchio, and I seem to remember us actually playing football.  Limited defensively (which is the Leeds way, it seems), but definitely a more known entity than the others being touted around.
So the question is, which Mr Nobody will we actually sign as head coach?  Answers (or job applications) on a postcard.


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