Italian overlord to personally vet playing staff

Having commanded the playing and coaching staff back to Leeds at the end of May, only to postpone this date slightly in a self confessed move of “I take things day by day”, he is poised to personally vet each and every player.
This means two key things are going to happen:

1.  People will ask who is actually managing Leeds?

It is normally the manager who assesses the playing squad and determines who is surplus to requirements.  Neil Warnock did it, not Ken Bates.  With Brian McDermott’s position becoming increasingly untenable (especially with the ominous presence of Benito Carbone lingering like a circling vulture over the “just-about-still-living” managerial post), it’s another damning removal of responsibility from the pragmatic Englishman.

2.  David Norris will look into the eyes of Massimo and argue why he deserves to stay

And let’s face it, we’d kill to have a secret CCTV feed of this conversation.  A player so helplessly out of contention at Leeds and unlikely to break in; far from me to suggest a 33 year old who hasn’t featured in regular fixtures for more than a year has no future at the club…
But there’s something quite beautiful in each of the players having to prove their worth.
I do wonder what kind words of encouragement our Italian overlord will have for the prolific Noel Hunt.  I wonder what will break first; Massimo’s unwillingness to invest at this stage or his despondency at the lack of quality in certain areas of the pitch.
Will it be brutal?  Let’s hope so.  I want these players to play for the shirt.

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