Could appointing Mr Wrong cause squad disharmony?

With Leeds poised to announce Dave “who?” Hockaday as manager/head-coach, the fan reaction has been mixed (at best).  However, the one thing we don’t have a handle on is how the players have reacted to this underwhelming appointment.
Like Snodgrass before him, Ross will be looking for ambition from the club.  Our talisman has straight-up stated that he wants to play in the Premiership and cannot wait 2 years to do so – which means he’s looking to Cellino to assemble a team that could genuinely challenge to do exactly that.  Ross (like the fans) will be looking for genuine quality to be added and it’s inconceivable to think that appointing a manager who failed miserably at Forest Green.

Could appointing Hockaday cause disharmony?

If I were a Leeds player with ambitions of getting promoted I’d want to see a strong leader appointed; someone proven at this (or higher) levels.  Mr Hockaday, while an unknown entity, is not proven and feedback from his non-league managerial appointment has been anything but positive.
Ross even retweeted a parody account:
With various clubs bidding for Ross (with Cardiff rumoured to bid £9m), I wouldn’t expect this managerial appointment is going to sit easy with him.  But then we don’t know what happened behind closed doors when Massimo met with the players.
Time will tell…


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