Bloodbath expected at Leeds as Massimo tightens the belt

Change is coming to Elland Road; Italian madman Massimo Cellino has been typically vocal about the financial mess he’s bought into at Leeds and fans should not expect him to be splashing the cash.  Not yet, at least.

Debt, sustainability and gold plates

Fuhrer Cellino has to be the bad guy in this instance and he’s right to be.  The small bits of information that are being released to the public indicates that Leeds United hemorrhage money trying to live like a Premiership team.  There’s no denying that Thorpe Arch is an incredible environment but Massimo has closed it for the Summer in a very visible cost-cutting exercise.  There have been cuts (both on and off the pitch) and that’s certainly not the end of it.

The above tweet shows the conviction with which he’s addressing the financial meltdown.  Unquestionably he has the finances and the resources to stabilise the club, but he’s trying to reach sustainability.  Reaching there will be painful.

But we thought he WAS a billionaire?

Oh my, yes.  The rabid enthusiasm on Twitter was rampant during the takeover – the King of Corn was going to inject tens of millions of pounds into the playing squad and we’d suddenly be brilliant again.  Only, we wouldn’t be.  We’d probably eat that money in administrative costs, legal battles and Pukka Pies for El Hadji Diouf.
With word circulating that a deal for Cagliari is close, the rumour mill span up again assuming the sudden cash injection and absence of distraction would mean our saviour would be throwing caution to the wind and investing in the team heavily.  NOPE.  He’s a business man, not a mentalist.  Well, he might be both, but he’s too shrewd for that.

He believes a club shouldn’t need a sugar daddy to compete, it should be built in a sustainable way.  He’s right, too.  Success cannot be bought.  Look at the season Sven spent £11m+ on Leicester and they finished mid-table.  Then look at Burnley this season.  Build a passionate, enthusiastic and spirited team around a manager and a vision and you’ll really have something.
Player for player you can’t say Derby have a better team than QPR, but I’d back them to go up over them.

So what now?

Mayhem.  Redundancies.  Players being sold.  Awkward tension between playing staff, manager and owner.  Fans upset that their misguided dream of eccentric billionaire pales to the reality of a business-man trying to build a football club.
But let’s face it, we’ve had 10 years of circling the drain with occasional moments of glory, after which Ken Bates sells our brightest sparks to fund his corporate box project.  I’m all for Cellino rolling the dice and trying things his way.  It’s unlikely we’ll get any worse, right?

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