4 players Leeds need to lose

“The Leeds United squad needs work” is possibly the kindest thing that can be said, so before I entertain the idea of who we should bring in, here are some players who I think we can do without.

Noel Hunt (0 goals, 0 assists)

I like Noel from a personal perspective; he appreciates that he’s not been good enough.  But 13 starts (with 7 sub appearances) means he has graced the pitch 20 times this season in all competitions without scoring.  That’s not good enough.  Matt Smith (who I think has done brilliantly) started 24 times (with a club-leading 18 substitute appearances) managed 12 goals.  Blackstock scored, Kebe scored, Murph scored, J-Dog scored…  Dom Poleon scored too.  Noel Hunt did not.
The Football League don’t even credit him with any assists.  So good attitude and work-rate aside, why bother keeping him?
VERDICT: SELL (if we could ever find a buyer).

Steve Morison (8 goals, 3 assists)

“England’s answer to Luciano Becchio”, as Neil Warnock would word it, spent the season on loan at Millwall.  A more classic #9 than we have at Leeds he actually managed a mediocre return in such a terrible squad.  26 starts with 16 substitute appearances with 8 goals and 3 assists…  It’s hardly Ronaldo-tier stuff but it’s infinitely better than Noel Hunt.  I’d still sell Morison to Millwall for whatever money they offered.  He’s too old and not good enough to be part of the future at LUFC.

David Norris (0 appearances)

I don’t see what value a 33 year old midfielder without a single appearance last season can possibly add to the squad.  Another member of our ruthless pillaging of Portsmouth (who somehow negotiated a much longer contract than all the others), he still has another year left.

Paddy Kenny?

I like Paddy, but I’m not sure he’s right for the future.  We need someone who will organise the defense and shout at our eternally inept back four.  Paddy is 36 now and I’m not sure he’s the same keeper that we obtained from QPR having impressed against Man City on “that” day in the 2011/12 season finale.  He seems slower, more easily beaten and, for me, doesn’t seem to take our failures hard enough.  I appreciate he’s jovial but whenever we concede I want to SEE those players hurting.  I want to see them motivated to kick off and turn things around.  I don’t get that from Paddy.  BUT, I would only want him replaced if we got someone better in.
I’m led to believe that Paddy fell out of favour with Brian too (for reasons I’m not sure), so I’m not certain we’ll see either of them next season.  But we’ll see.


We still need a squad, so we can’t go and ditch everyone as various members of the Twitterati flippantly suggest.  We can’t bin Tom Lees because of a bad season, nor should we be selling Rudy Austin.  We need to ditch the dead-wood, keep the promising ones and build.  We can’t build a 100% new team, so we need to compromise.


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