Comedic defending gifts Derby a 10th win over Leeds

Despite the scorline ending 3-1, the nature of this defeat was so much worse than the numerical representation could ever show.  The statistics might show that we had more possession and a comparable amount of shots – what they won’t convey is how utterly hopeless this Leeds team were today.

Derby, our old foe

We’re not rivals, not really.  Derby might consider us to be, but I don’t.  That doesn’t stop the fact that they’ve beaten us more times than Michael Brown has had yellow cards.  From start to finish we couldn’t get a hold on the game; absent midfielding and indescribably bad defending that allowed Derby to run riot.  They seemingly waltzed through our half and comfortably probed our less-than-sturdy defense for holes.  In which there are holes.  Many holes.
A consolation goal from Jason Pearce didn’t really incite the comeback it promised.  We were merely passengers in Steve McLaren’s Derby revival; I don’t go to Derby expecting a result, but a performance would be nice.
Still, the season is long and we can still make something happen.  As Brian continually reminds us with his war-stories from Reading.  Another place we didn’t get a result away at, I might add…


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