Do I really Hate Leeds United?

Actually, I’ve been a fan since the 1992/3 season as a 7-8 year old meaning I’ve spent 24 years a lover of the club. So why is the website called “I Hate Leeds”?

Well, that’s because we’ve been a bit rubbish for a long while now. We’ve been bought, sold, thrown into administration, danced with success and then stripped of all our assets.

I hate Leeds because every season I’m excited and confident, yet most weekends my hopes are dashed. If you look inside your heart, you’ll find that you hate Leeds a little bit too.

So who am I?

I’m a 33 year old man who grew up on a diet of Gordon Strachan, Gary McAllister and David Batty. My teens were based around Mark Viduka, Olivier Dacourt, Alan Smith and the Champions League. Now I’m a Gaetano Berardi fan first and foremost, though Samu Saiz is sneaking his way into my affections.

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