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Jordan Hugill

Jordan Hugill and the dilemma of investment

Put a pin in the Hugill thought for a moment, I’ll come to that in a moment…  Meanwhile my fingers are trembling with annoyance that I’m going to avoid writing about the Ipswich game too much. Annoyance that I’ll gloss over the beautiful irony of Eunan O’Kane being the squad’s voice for expressing their disappointment…

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Ambition needed in January or we’ll slip away again

“Doing a Leeds” has long-since meant rampant, unsustainable over-spending being met with sub-par performances and a league standing incapable of paying back the incurred debt. Such was Peter Ridsdale’s reckless ambition that he secured loans against projected (hopeful) future revenue that didn’t manifest, lumbering the club with problems even the Titanic would wince at. Though,…

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Do Leeds need signings in January?

Minor creative refresh of the website aside, it’s time for us to debate the active topic that we can labour over for 3 weeks instead of buying presents for our children or actually putting the decorations up. Fun fact: I have done neither of these things yet. With rumours that Leeds are intent on spending…

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New striker could be huge for Leeds

As we creep towards the official announcement of Pierre-Michel Lasogga’s move to Leeds (albeit a season-long loan, according to the tweet that Hamburg published and then immediately unpublished), it’s worth considering what kind of player we’ve actually got. With many fans (myself included) initially disheartened that we weren’t signing a proven domestic talent to demonstrate…

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John Terry vs. Unproven Transfers

A rare piece of transfer news piqued my interest this morning, with evidence suggesting that both Aston Villa and Birmingham City have offered a 12 month deal to Chelsea stalwart John Terry. It seems a suitable moment to reflect on the first signs of Leeds’ activity and how it compares to what others are obviously…

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