I’ve written a number of times about how Leeds’ recruitment needs to be done with both intelligence and ambition and it’s perhaps that second word that needs stressing most. With few things at Leeds nailed down long term at present (we’re still in flux with regards to manager, owner and backbone of the playing squad) we should look forward with intent.

This means that Leeds need a marque signing or two, both in terms of adding on-pitch quality but also to demonstrate to fans that the club is committed to improving. The looming doubt in many minds is that last season was a one-off, the club needs to move quickly to help ease those concerns by being proactive and recruit in-line with the general upward momentum we’re hoping is intended.

Rumour today is that Leeds are fronting a plot to bring Jonny Howson back to the club, which would be exactly the kind of ambition that fans need to see. Not only am I personally very fond of having local lads in the squad; Leeds fans wearing the Leeds shirt will always give 100% in my opinion, because they understand what it means. You cannot expect Tommaso Bianchi to have the same intrinsic knowledge of the league, the city and the fans as someone who has lived it.

Equally, quality is important. Tom Cairney has been instrumental to Fulham’s season and clearly possesses quality in excess of most others. The same could be said for Aaron Mooy and a number of other halo players in the Championship. Leeds may have possessed leading performers in Bartley, Jansson and Wood but it’s midfield where the league is won and lost. Ronaldo Vieira has enormous quality but requires nurturing, I believe that Kalvin Phillips and Eunan O’Kane are important players in the season for us too (I’m unconvinced by Liam Bridcutt).

If Leeds truly are intending on competing at the top end of the Championship then not only do the unanswered questions on Monk and Jansson need resolving, but Bartley needs to be signed. We then need to build the spine up again and let’s be honest, Jansson, Bartley, Vieira and Howson wouldn’t be a bad start.

In the meantime we shall wait, twiddling our thumbs waiting for the takeover to complete, Monk to sign and Cellino to leave. I’m impatient.